Dan Patch Sets Ambitious Fundraising Goal

Project aims to raise $100,00 by the 2016 Minnesota State Fair

Project aims to raise $100,00 by the 2016 Minnesota State Fair

Dan Patch Pledge Form

With just less than two months before the start of the Minnesota State Fair, the Dan Patch Project has set an ambitious goal of raising $100,000 in pledged donations toward the creation and installation of the sculpture before Fair visitors devour their first bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies.

Donors may make a one time tax deductible contribution, or split their donation (and tax deductions) over a multi-year period. Funds will be collected at the end of each year, until the project’s total goal of $1.5 million is achieved.

Pledges of $1000 or more will receive acknowledgement on the sculpture’s base.

The 1.5 times life sized sculpture of Dan Patch and his driver will be at the State Fair’s West End Transit Hub, facing the Grandstand finish line. The location is the site of the paddock where Dan Patch was harnessed before his record setting pace.

A secondary installation celebrating the kinship between Dan Patch and his owner, M.W. Savage, will be installed in front of the public library in Savage, Minn., where the great horse is buried.

The artist selected for the project is Alexa King, whose work has been featured at horse venues and in private collections nationwide. Her best known works include her bronze of 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro at Churchill Downs.

The projects have been approved by the Minnesota State Fair Foundation, Dan Patch Historical Society, city of Savage, and descendants of both Dan Patch’s breeder, Daniel Messner, and his final owner, M.W. Savage.

Commit to helping Dan Patch race again by downloading the donor pledge form and returning it to: danpatchproject@gmail.com or the address identified on the form.

If you are unable to help monetarily at this time, The Dan Patch Project also welcomes volunteers.