Why Dan Patch Was Secretariat’s Equal

Secretariat Heads Toward the Finish Line

Secretariat Heads Toward the Finish Line

It’s Preakness┬áday; that happy day in May when there is still hope of a Triple Crown winner and racing immortality.

As you watch the coverage leading up to today’s race, you may hear the race record was set by Secretariat in 1973. His initial time was 1:55; which was later disputed and changed to 1:53.

This record, along with Secretariat’s times in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont have now stood for 43 years.

Since none of us had the chance to see Dan Patch race in person, it is often difficult to comprehend how great this horse was. And yet, Secretariats records help us put him in context.

Dan Patch’s Minnesota State Fair record time of 1:55 for the one mile pace wasn’t beaten for 55 years.

That’s how great Dan Patch was. Secretariat great.

It takes a near mythological horse to capture a nation’s imagination for decades, or in the case of Dan Patch, a century.

Secretariat has been honored with bronzes at the Belmont, and the Kentucky Horse Park.

Doesn’t Dan Patch deserve the same?