Buy Dan Patch A Pound of Clay

unrecognizable potter master preparing the clayWant to pay for one of Dan Patch’s hooves at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds?

You can by simply donating $10 or more to The Dan Patch Project.

Sculptor Alexa King will need 2000 pounds of clay to create the sculptures of Dan Patch at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and of he and M.W. Savage in the city of Savage.

That’s literally a ton of clay.

One pound of clay costs $5.

If just 100 people donated $20 each, we would could pay for enough clay for not only a hoof, but the horse, cart, driver, sulky, and M.W. Savage sculptures.

Of course, there are other expenses involved.

But clay is one of the most important.

Every donation counts. You may not think small contributions matter, but they do.

Please download the pledge form and help buy a pound, 10 pounds, or a ton of clay. You can choose to make your payment now, or, if you prefer, contribute over a period of years. As always, your donation is tax deductible.

Download Dan Patch Pledge Form

The Minnesota State Fair starts just over a month from today.  Let’s help Dan Patch race again.






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