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Split Up Your Dan Patch DonationDid you know you can split your donation to help fund the bronze sculptures of Dan Patch in the city of Savage and Minnesota State Fairgrounds over several years?

A little short of cash this year, but 2017 or 2018 look great? No problem. Just complete the pledge form now and let us know when you’d your donation processed.

Can you afford a little at a time? Let us know and we’ll split your payment up over three years, or, even months if you prefer.

The bronze pieces are a multi-phase project. The artist gets paid according to progress made on the piece. So, making a pledge now or in the future is equally important.

Remember, your donation is tax deductible.

Just download the form below to help get started helping Dan Patch’s return today. Click here:

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Just 25 Days Left To Raise $100,000!

Cheese CurdsThe first day of August brings evokes mixed feelings for many of us. For some, it is the first sign of summer nearing an end, with the start of school just one month away. For others, it generates excitement, as many festivals and fairs are about to get under way.

This year at the Dan Patch Project, August 1 is a signal that the start of the Minnesota State Fair is just 25 days away. That means we have just over three weeks to achieve our fundraising goal of $100,000 by the time the first basket of cheese curds is ordered.

How are we doing? We’re about one quarter of the way there. We know human nature is to wait until the last minute, so we’re not worried yet. Nonetheless, we know we’ve got a ways to go.

Please help us achieve our goal of bringing Dan Patch back to the Minnesota State Fair and honoring he and his final owner, M.W. Savage, by making a tax deductible donation today.

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Buy Dan Patch A Pound of Clay

unrecognizable potter master preparing the clayWant to pay for one of Dan Patch’s hooves at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds?

You can by simply donating $10 or more to The Dan Patch Project.

Sculptor Alexa King will need 2000 pounds of clay to create the sculptures of Dan Patch at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds and of he and M.W. Savage in the city of Savage.

That’s literally a ton of clay.

One pound of clay costs $5.

If just 100 people donated $20 each, we would could pay for enough clay for not only a hoof, but the horse, cart, driver, sulky, and M.W. Savage sculptures.

Of course, there are other expenses involved.

But clay is one of the most important.

Every donation counts. You may not think small contributions matter, but they do.

Please download the pledge form and help buy a pound, 10 pounds, or a ton of clay. You can choose to make your payment now, or, if you prefer, contribute over a period of years. As always, your donation is tax deductible.

Download Dan Patch Pledge Form

The Minnesota State Fair starts just over a month from today.  Let’s help Dan Patch race again.






Dan Patch Remembered On Somber Anniversary

danpatch01One hundred years ago today, we lost the great horse Dan Patch.

And just 32 hours later, his owner, M.W. Savage passed away from heart failure.

Dan Patch’s record for the one mile pace was equalled in 1936, but not beaten until 1960. At the time of his retirement in 1909 he held nine world’s records and had never been beaten.

In a time of no radio, television, film, telephones, or Internet, every where he went he drew crowds of 90,000 people or more.

Perhaps that’s because his owner, M.W. Savage, was the first to see value in athletes like Dan Patch endorsing products, putting his image and name on everything from chewing tobacco to children’s records.

It’s hard to believe a horse who the nation adored is buried an unmarked grave in Savage, Minn.

There isn’t a bronze sculpture to be found commemorating his legendary achievements and the dreams they inspired.

Please consider pledging support for the creation of a permanent memorial for the great horse by downloading the pledge form or going to our page today.

Download Dan Patch Pledge Form

Dan Patch Sets Ambitious Fundraising Goal

Project aims to raise $100,00 by the 2016 Minnesota State Fair

Project aims to raise $100,00 by the 2016 Minnesota State Fair

Dan Patch Pledge Form

With just less than two months before the start of the Minnesota State Fair, the Dan Patch Project has set an ambitious goal of raising $100,000 in pledged donations toward the creation and installation of the sculpture before Fair visitors devour their first bucket of Sweet Martha’s Cookies.

Donors may make a one time tax deductible contribution, or split their donation (and tax deductions) over a multi-year period. Funds will be collected at the end of each year, until the project’s total goal of $1.5 million is achieved.

Pledges of $1000 or more will receive acknowledgement on the sculpture’s base.

The 1.5 times life sized sculpture of Dan Patch and his driver will be at the State Fair’s West End Transit Hub, facing the Grandstand finish line. The location is the site of the paddock where Dan Patch was harnessed before his record setting pace.

A secondary installation celebrating the kinship between Dan Patch and his owner, M.W. Savage, will be installed in front of the public library in Savage, Minn., where the great horse is buried.

The artist selected for the project is Alexa King, whose work has been featured at horse venues and in private collections nationwide. Her best known works include her bronze of 2006 Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro at Churchill Downs.

The projects have been approved by the Minnesota State Fair Foundation, Dan Patch Historical Society, city of Savage, and descendants of both Dan Patch’s breeder, Daniel Messner, and his final owner, M.W. Savage.

Commit to helping Dan Patch race again by downloading the donor pledge form and returning it to: or the address identified on the form.

If you are unable to help monetarily at this time, The Dan Patch Project also welcomes volunteers.



See Dan Patch – At The Savage Public Library

Dan Patch Heads HomeDue to gale force winds Saturday, we were not able to display the maquette in the park during Dan Patch Days.

To make sure everyone gets a chance to see it, it will be on display in the Heritage Room at the Savage Public Library through the second week of July. The heritage Room is also the home of the Dan Patch Museum.

To make a tax deductible donation to the Dan Patch Project, please either visit our site. You may also make a pledge to spread your donation over multiple years by contacting us at for a pledge form.

Help Celebrate The Great Dan Patch

dan patch days logoTo help celebrate the legend and legacy of Dan Patch and M.W. Savage, Alexa King’s maquette of the proposed Minnesota State Fair bronze sculpture will be on display this weekend at the city of Savage’s annual Dan Patch Days celebration.

To see the maquette, make a tax deductible donation, or buy your own Dan Patch Project tshirt or sweatshirt, stop by the Dan Patch Historical Society’s booth at Community Park in Savage, this Saturday, June 25, from 3 to 7 pm.

Community Park is located at 13500 Dakota Avenue in Savage.

Why Dan Patch Was Secretariat’s Equal

Secretariat Heads Toward the Finish Line

Secretariat Heads Toward the Finish Line

It’s Preakness day; that happy day in May when there is still hope of a Triple Crown winner and racing immortality.

As you watch the coverage leading up to today’s race, you may hear the race record was set by Secretariat in 1973. His initial time was 1:55; which was later disputed and changed to 1:53.

This record, along with Secretariat’s times in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont have now stood for 43 years.

Since none of us had the chance to see Dan Patch race in person, it is often difficult to comprehend how great this horse was. And yet, Secretariats records help us put him in context.

Dan Patch’s Minnesota State Fair record time of 1:55 for the one mile pace wasn’t beaten for 55 years.

That’s how great Dan Patch was. Secretariat great.

It takes a near mythological horse to capture a nation’s imagination for decades, or in the case of Dan Patch, a century.

Secretariat has been honored with bronzes at the Belmont, and the Kentucky Horse Park.

Doesn’t Dan Patch deserve the same?

Dan Patch And Prince Had A Lot In Common

Prince and Dan PatchAt our booth at the Minnesota Horse Expo, we realized Dan Patch was a lot like Prince.

Everyone in Minnesota has a Prince story. We may have seen him surprise everyone (even the band) by walking on stage to play with a band, run into him at a restaurant, or even been in the crowd at First Avenue when he filmed “Purple Rain”.

As it turns out, many people’s grandparents had similar stories; except there’s weren’t about Prince. They were about the great horse, Dan Patch.

Countless people told us how their grandparents had been at the Minnesota State Fair the day he set the record for the one mile pace, how their father had owned a son or daughter of Dan Patch, or that when their grandparents passed, they inherited a cherished, framed painting or print of Dan Patch that had hung in a bedroom or living room for years.

Dan Patch, and the memories of family members who loved him and passed on his legend made people smile.

I don’t even have to wonder whether there will one day be a bronze of Prince somewhere in downtown Minneapolis. In fact, just yesterday I saw a Facebook post about someone trying to do just that.

Prince has been gone just a week, however. The thought of a sculpture of him may be premature.

Dan Patch, however, has been gone a century. Needless to say, his bronze is overdue.

To donate to the Dan Patch Project, just click on Or, if you prefer, make your tax deductible donation payable to our fiscal sponsor: Springboard for the Arts, 308 Prince Street, Suite 270, St Paul, MN 55101. Be sure to write “Dan Patch Project” in the memo section.

Where To See Dan Patch At The Minnesota Horse Expo

West End Transit Hub at Minnesota State Fairgrounds - site for Dan Patch sculpture.

West End Transit Hub at Minnesota State Fairgrounds – site for Dan Patch sculpture.

When you visit the Minnesota Horse Expo this weekend, two questions may cross your mind. The first may be, “Where, exactly, is the sculpture of Dan Patch going to be installed if fundraising efforts are successful?”

The Fairgrounds West End Transit Hub is at the west end of the Grandstand, just up the hill from the intersection of Dan Patch Avenue and Liggett. Appropriately, the site sits on ground where the paddock once stood, and in all likelihood, where Dan Patch himself was harnessed before he raced.

Sixty percent of the Fair’s 1.8 million annual visitors enter through this gate, meaning Dan Patch would be on hand to greet them all.

And where can you see the maquette of Dan Patch, meet sculptor Alexa King, and make a donation for the statue?

The Dan Patch Project will be located in the Coliseum, in booth C 114.

We will have coffee mugs, tshirts and sweatshirts available for purchase.

Tax deductible donations may also be made through our fiscal sponsor, Springboard for the Arts.