The Great Dan Patch

Dan Patch was a brown American bred Standardbred stallion sired by Joe Patchen, his dam Zelica was by Wilkesberry. Dan Patch was foaled on 29 April 1896, in a barn in the town of Oxford, Indiana. He was named for his owner, Daniel (Dan) Messner, and his sire, Joe Patchen. The young horse showed little promise in his first year, but a local trainer named Johnny Wattles saw potential in the animal. Wattles received permission from Messner to train Dan Patch and developed the horse’s racing abilities until 1902, when Messner sold the horse to Manley E. Sturges of New York, for a record $20,000.[1] Sturges, in turn, sold Dan Patch later that year to a resident of the city of Hamilton (later Savage) in Minnesota, named Marion Willis Savage. Dan Patch lived in Minnesota from 1902 until his death on 11 July 1916. (Source: Wikipedia)

About the Dan Patch Project

The Dan Patch Project is a group of volunteers who, together with renown equine sculptor Alexa King and fiscal sponsor Springboard for the Arts, are working to install permanent bronze sculptures of Dan Patch at the west end of the Minnesota State Fair’s Grandstand and of the horse and M.W. Savage at the City of Savage’s Public Library. The group’s goal is to commemorate the 110-year anniversary of the great horse’s record setting pace at the 1906 Minnesota State Fair.